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OMNINGAGE Connect’s Admin Application – putting business users in the driving seat

Thomas Watson, the President of IBM, famously said that there was a “world market for maybe five computers”.

Bill Gates made it his intention to have a “computer on every desk and in every home”. Graphical user interfaces allowed millions of ordinary people, instead of specialists, to use information technology.

OMNINGAGE Connect’s admin application is intended to democratize contact centre platforms. It makes administering specific instances of OMNINGAGE Connect so easy that a non-technical employee can do it with minimal training.

The admin application – features

Each corporate customer has an account on the admin application which she can use to configure and administer her company’s instance of OMNINGAGE Connect. There is one instance of admin application in each major Amazon Web Service region throughout the world.

Looking through the menu items, here is what the admin user can use as of now. More features will be added to the application as development progresses. Standing still is not part of the OMNINGAGE culture.


With the General Settings tab, the admin user can configure various settings that apply to the agent’s and supervisor’s desktop. These settings include:

  • Allowing users to test their speakers on login to ensure that they have audio connectivity.
  • Configuring inactivity timeouts for both agents and supervisors. This will reduce the minutes of cloud usage consumed when an employee goes on break or to a meeting without logging out of the system.
  • Changing the agent’s state after a missed call. Some companies prefer an agent to be returned to “ready” state after a missed call, while others will set them to “not ready – outbound” so that they can call back the customer who had called in.
  • Allowing the agent to use multiple tags and wrap ups for each interaction handled.
  • Setting voice and non-voice service levels

The Data Presentation tab enables the admin user to determine what customer data is presented to the agent on receiving calls or chats. This information includes the customer’s name, address, phone number, contact details and other external data from the CRM system.

Admin users can customize their instance of OMNINGAGE Connect to meet their contact centre requirements, maximizing agents’ speed, effectiveness and ease of use.

Phone directory

Agents and supervisors can access a phone directory to make outbound calls. Admin users can input specific numbers onto the directory which will be useful for the agents.

A utility company, for example, might include the contact details of local 3rd party contractors who can be dispatched to repair damaged phone lines, fix burst water pipes or investigate gas leaks.

The admin interface keeps an audit record of who entered and edited all these entries.

Wrap up

Admin users configure categories and wrap up codes here. This can be done by a non-technical user, which means that when new outcomes are identified, or the business needs to record outcomes in a different way, they can be changed without expensive technical effort.


Tags administration is just as quick and user-friendly as the administration of wrap up codes.


The admin user has been given a number of reports that provide useful management information for the contact centre.

The reports described below what is currently available. More reports are being developed and will be added as time progresses.

The “Voice” option includes the “Contact detail summary” which gives a fully searchable and exportable list of all contacts in the contact centre. When the search parameters have been entered, it will also calculate total talk time and hold time, as well as average handle time and hold time for the interactions selected. Where available, it will also generate an overall NPS or other CSAT score.

The “Queue” option contains a summary of KPIs for each queue within the selected date range. Admin users can make management decisions such as the allocation of resources based on rapidly available queue statistics.

The “Wrap up” and “Tags” options contain reports showing the use of wrap up codes and tags. The admin user can find detailed reports of which wrap up codes are most frequently used. There is a drill down function to enable an admin user to review the calls or chats to audit how accurately agents applied the categories, wrap up codes and tags.

The admin application – our wrap up

OMNINGAGE Connect aims to make their solutions fully usable by the customer with no specialist intervention required. This puts you, the customer, in full control of your system.

OMNINGAGE Connect is your solution for your contact centre and we aim to put you in the driving seat.


OMNINGAGE develops software solutions for Amazon Connect (Cloud Contact Centre). 

We offer a most modern and data-driven cloud-based Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect. The platform is called OMNINGAGE Connect. It is also available on Amazon Marketplace.

What sets our products apart from the rest is our focus on “agent/user experience” which helps businesses to promote agent engagement, reduce agent fatigue and boost productivity and customer experience. The other key business outcomes are:

• Average Handle Time Reduction

• Increased First Call Resolution (FCR)

• Higher Customer Satisfaction

• Reduction in Agent Attrition

The platform is available globally on AWS and integrates with a variety of CRM and back-end applications to offer a single-window operation to users.

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