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Enhancing the enhancements! Omningage’s response to Amazon Connect enhancements

The situation

In early December, at their re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced some major product enhancements for Amazon Connect, their cloud-based contact centre. We will explain these enhancements and what Omningage is doing to include and add to their power within its own products.

Contact Lens: Call Summarization

Amazon Connect’s sentiment analysis product will now be able to generate a written summary of conversations between agents and customers. It will include a brief description of the customer’s problem or request, and the conversation’s outcome or result.

This is expected to save agents’ time and effort in documenting the conversation and to facilitate fast handovers in escalation or channel switching scenarios.

Omningage intends to incorporate this in the following ways:

In the Agent Desktop, this will be included in the “Interaction History” section of the Contact Management page, where agents handle calls and chats. An agent receiving a hand-off or transfer can read the summary quickly and understand what the customer was trying to do with her colleague.

In the Supervisor Desktop, summaries will be visible in the “Interaction Explorer”. Supervisors can use these summaries to gain a gist of the conversation and speed up their investigations of issues, and to manually audit wrap up codes or First Contact Resolutions to check if the agent’s perceptions are aligned with the customer’s or the organization’s.

Amazon Lex: Automated Chatbot Designer

Amazon Lex is AWS’s tool to build conversational voice and text interfaces.

Their new automated chatbot designer can mine conversational transcripts using AI to identify common customer intents and common resolution information.

The system will identify these intents from a sample of call transcripts and all variations in the way that these intents are expressed.

This will take out the guesswork involved in identifying key phrases associated with specific intents. It may also reveal additional intents to provide additional routing options.

All chats generated and handled by chatbots will be logged by the Omningage desktops and IQ reporting system as if they were handled by humans.

Omningage will generate data on interactions volumes that reflect the deflection rate from voice to chats. Other metrics of chatbot success include customer satisfaction (CSAT) or NPS and first contact resolution (FCR).

Omningage consultants will support their customers’ development, deployment, operation and improvement of chatbot processes.

Customer Profiles

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles combine contact centre interactions data with data from 3rd party solutions, such as a CRM system. The tool’s Identity Resolution identifies and merges duplicate profiles based on customer metadata.

AWS announced that technical users will be able to create modules to increase the automation of chat-based contact flows. These modules will be able to use business logic in contact flows to run processes such as adding a customer’s name to a chat or routing customers by data parameters based on customer metadata.

Omningage can display important customer data to agents within the Agent Desktop. Omningage is working on enhanced visualisation to ensure that agents can quickly perceive and understand key data.

Omningage’s consultants can work with customers to adjust and improve contact flows to make them more responsive to customers’ unstated needs.

The wrap-up

As AWS adds and modifies features in Amazon Connect, Omningage will update their own product suite to accommodate and add value to these enhancements.

Contact your IT infrastructure partner or Omningage sales representative to find out more about upcoming features on the Omningage roadmap.

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