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An intelligent and data-driven cloud
user desktop for Amazon Connect.

OMNINGAGE Connect is a next generation contact centre desktop designed and built for digital age workforce. 

OMNINGAGE - Supervisor Connect
AWS Connect

Effortless user Experience

Promote employee engagement through an effortless experience designed for agent and supervisor personas.

AWS Connect

Improve Bottomline

Improve agent productivity and AHT by alleviating inefficiencies. Omningage Connect’s open architecture allows seamless integration with various cloud and traditional CRMs and backend systems.

OMNINGAGE - Amazon Connect - Cloud Contact Centre - Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect - Supervisor Desktop for Amazon Connect

Increased FCR Rate

Provide best-in-class customer service for your customers through first call resolution and decrease your internal contact centre costs

OMNINGAGE - Amazon Connect - Cloud Contact Centre - Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect - Supervisor Desktop for Amazon Connect

Data Visualization

Help agents gain a full understanding and awareness of the situation by providing a visual presentation of customer journey and interactions history.

OMNINGAGE - Agent Connect
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Intuitive and easy to use agent desktop

Agent Connect

Empower your agents with the information that matters, reduce application switching and clicking with a naturally flowing one window operation.

Agents get visibility of their individual performance metrics and customer sentiment score.

Agents can make, receive and transfer calls effortlessly. Adding and removing participants into a call is made easy by the intuitive design of CTI controls

Agents can manage their work states and select appropriate reason/work codes.

Builds a graphical representation of a customer journey. Agents can quickly see a customer’s journey path and menu selections.

Customer’s data is presented along with the contact in an intuitive single-window desktop.

A powerful feature that provides agents with instant visibility of the customer’s previous interactions with the business for better context and understanding.

Agents can choose and tag calls with wrap-up codes. Supervisors can also add and remove Wrap-Codes

Integrates with all major CRM platforms including; MS Dynamics and ZOHO.

Remove customer experience blind spots

Supervisor Connect

Enable your contact centre managers to make informed decisions through broader and deeper insights into customer interactions.

A data-rich dashboard providing  a 360 degree view of agent performance, queue statistics and customer satisfaction to business users and stakeholders.

Allows supervisors to view and monitor the live statistics of various queues.

Enables managers and supervisors to stay updated with the team and agent activities.

Supervisors can silently monitor selected calls in progress.

A powerful omnichannel interactions explorer allows supervisors to quickly find and view any interactions.

Supervisors can search, playback and download any voice interactions.

OMNINGAGE - Supervisor Connect
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Improve staff productivity and overall engagement

How OMNINGAGE CONNECT aligns to your business objective?

Improve your First Call Resolution (FCR) rate and decrease Average Handling Time (AHT) by offering an easy to work with and one window view to your agents which integrates all your applications with Amazon Connect Contact Centre.

Brand Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction

Happier Staff

Revenue Growth

A product built on world's leading and most robust cloud platform

AWS Connect

Serverless Architecture – No compute resource to deploy and maintain

AWS Connect

Elastic Design – It grows with your business needs

AWS Connect

Connect over internet – and get high quality voice delivered through your web browser

AWS Connect

User Centric Interface – naturally flowing user experience which offers one window operation to agents.

AWS Connect

AWS Services Integration – Easily integrates and consumes various AWS key services

AWS Connect

Rapid Deployment – Deployments in hours through CloudFormation templates

No Setup Fee or Upfront Financial Commitment

Flexible Pricing and Payment Options

* Deployment and Support services are included in pricing

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