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Is the wallboard extinct? Far from it!

Wallboards: What are they? Why do they matter?

Pre- Covid, wallboards were an essential feature of contact centres. They consisted of reports displayed on plasma screens mounted on the contact centre’s walls.

Wallboards were designed to let all staff know what was happening in the contact centre in terms of KPIs, such as Average Handling Time (AHT), Sales Per Hour (SPH), Abandon Rate and Service Levels (SL).



When Covid hit, contact centres sent their staff home. They missed how wallboards generate the calling floor atmosphere with dynamically changing data to motivate and spur agents on.



Omningage is bringing back the wallboard for the post-Covid reality. Omningage’s concept of the wallboard is based on visibility and persistence.


Wallboard reports are intended for public display within the contact centre, so that everyone is motivated by and can respond to the data.



Wallboard reports are also persistent. They are not intended for in depth analysis. They are dashboards in the true sense of the word in that they continuously provide dynamically changing information in real time (or near real time).

What type of wallboard reports are there?

“Dashboards” show a selection of KPIs to convey how well teams or queues meet certain targets. KPIs include Service Level (SL), Average Handling Time (AHT), number of customers in the queue or Abandon Rates, shown by queue or by team.


Supervisors respond to these by checking how many agents are in not ready state when there are calls to be answered.


“Leaderboards” or “League Tables” show a stack ranking of agents or teams based on a specific KPI. These are often used in sales or collection environments to “gamify” the experience and motivate agents or teams to compete against each other.


“Progress boards” display how a team is progressing towards a target over time. A sales team has a target of 60 sales by the end of an 8-hour shift. The progress board might show a linear target of 7.5 sales per hour. As agents make their sales, they see them entered on the board with their names as a visual reminder of their contribution to the team’s target, and their own.

Use cases

On-premises: The classic use case is to inform and motivate employees in a shared physical space. Reports are displayed on large plasma screens hung on the contact centre wall. They emulate the effect of share price wallboards in stock exchanges, both informing staff in real time and creating a shared sense of urgency and excitement.


Remote use: Omningage’s wallboard reports can be easily displayed in a remote worker’s home either on a separate browser tab or even on a tablet set up with a browser running. This replicates the supervisor’s ability to see key information about his team at a glance. If agent’s working at home are encouraged to put wallboards on a second screen, this might go some way to replicating the atmosphere generated by seeing and reacting to shared information in real time.


Gamification: Leaderboards and League Tables can be used to encourage competition between individual agents and teams. Omningage’s Wallboard reports can be configured quickly and easily.

Administrators can set up specific wallboards to reflect data in relation to a short-term challenge or competition within the contact centre.


Alerts: Wallboards can be made more interactive by including alerts to provide audio and visual cues when a limit has been reached or exceeded.


If an agent makes a sale, an alert can product a visual and audible notice on the dashboard showing the agent’s name and the size of the deal. Instant recognition of the agent and encouragement to others to do better.


If the number of customers in the queue goes beyond a certain limit, an alert can produce a visual and audible notice on the screen to remind everyone that they need to speed up their calls, reduce their AHT and so get that queue down.

Next steps:

If you use or are planning to use Amazon Connect as your contact centre platform, find out more about Omningage’s next generation wallboards. Contact your Amazon Connect integration partner or Omningage’s own sales directors.

To discuss your requirements, arrange a demonstration or ask for a proof of concept, please use the below details.

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