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Dialect Communications (Dialect) are a niche BPO who provides contact centre services for Fintech’s and Financial service providers across the UK, Europe and US

Founded in 2020, their website strapline ( is “We speak your language”. They take that very seriously. As a new and specialized outsourcer, their team is relatively small, but they already offer voice support in 9 different languages.


In addition, they offer a service called “MultiLect”, providing chat support in 75 different languages, even though they do not employ 75 employees.


How is this possible?

Success brings challenges

Straight out of the gate, Dialect were providing omnichannel services based on Amazon Connect and the Omningage Desktop series. This allowed them to offer voice, chat, email, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as channels.

Their agility and skill at providing top-of-the-range customer service led to requests to provide further multilingual customer support specifically via chat!

Finding native speakers of 9 different languages in Gateshead is doable. Finding speakers of 75 different languages anywhere outside of the United Nations building was always going to be a stretch!

Machine Translation

Dialect worked with Omningage to integrate their chat widget with Amazon Translate, AWS’s machine-learning based translation application. A Spanish speaking customer can write her request in Spanish, and an English-speaking agent will see the incoming request in English. He will write his response in English, which will then be translated into Spanish before being presented to the customer.



Dialect thoroughly tested this concept before rolling it out to their corporate clients. They tried it out at first using the 9 languages that their voice language specialists spoke, so that their own team could evaluate how accurate the translations were.


After extensive testing in all the main scenarios, Dialects’ linguists gave the system a clean bill of health. Dialect slowly rolled out the system, in a phased approach, with other languages, looking at both customer feedback, gathered in the form of NPS scores and comments, and their corporate clients’ feedback.


In this case, no news was most definitely good news!


They rolled it out to full scale production. Customers could either select which application they wanted to choose when they opened the chat widget on the providers’ website or smartphone apps, or Dialect offered the option of the system automatically detecting which language the customer was viewing the website or app in and offering chat opportunities in that language immediately.

“It’s not as good as an interpreter, is it?”

Purists and under-employed interpreters would no doubt say that real time machine translation is not as good as a human translator. For international professional conferences, this is true.



For resolving cardholders’ questions that are beyond the capabilities of a bot, it gets the job done.

Here is where this technology could prove useful in a busy contact centre.

  1. Low volume language support: Multilingual contact centres want to help all their customers. European languages, such as German, French or Italian are spoken by a large percentage of the population of Europe. It is relatively easy to find someone in who speaks these languages. It’s not so easy if you are looking for a Hungarian or Finnish speaker. Using a chat translation solution at least offers some options to customers who speak these languages.
  2. Intermittent language support: If you do find your Hungarian or Finnish speaker, you’ll probably only find one. That makes 24/7 service a challenge. With chat translation, another agent can handle chats when the native speakers are not available. If something really complex comes up, the native speakers can follow up when they are available.

Sudden spikes in demand: Normally, your single Hungarian or Finnish agent is more than enough to handle the volumes generated by the Hungarian or Finnish speakers in your area. Then, your local football team gets into the European Championships, and thousands of Hungarian or Finnish football fans arrive looking for the services your company provides! Machine language supported chat, if properly publicized, can give these new, temporary customers the support they need. You don’t have to miss opportunities to serve them because the lead time to recruit and train Hungarian and Finnish speakers is way too short!

¿Te gustaría aprender mas? (Would you like to find out more?)


Contact your AWS Partner or Omningage Sales representative to discuss your requirements in more detail. Our Sales team speaks English and Spanish. Perhaps we could chat in other languages as well!

To discuss your requirements, arrange a demonstration or ask for a proof of concept, please use the below details.

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