Interested But Not Sure Where To Start?

Equipping leaders for the new normal

The challenge: “Coronavirus has completely changed how people think about where or how you should work” – Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom Video Communications Inc. Contact centre team leaders face an unprecedented challenge – how to coach agents to improve both operational performance and customer experience when they are not in the same building. Adapting […]

Working from home?
How about leading from home?

leading from home

The challenge The global pandemic forced many businesses, including contact centres, to send their staff home to work. Contact Centre leaders faced massive challenges, since they relied on their physical presence to see and respond to what was happening. Now they are “flying blind”. They have to see and fix problems when they, their agents […]

OMNINGAGE Connect’s Admin Application – putting business users in the driving seat

Admin application to manage stuff

Thomas Watson, the President of IBM, famously said that there was a “world market for maybe five computers”. Bill Gates made it his intention to have a “computer on every desk and in every home”. Graphical user interfaces allowed millions of ordinary people, instead of specialists, to use information technology. OMNINGAGE Connect’s admin application is […]

How OMNINGAGE with Amazon Connect can speed your agents up and reduce your operational costs?


IT cost savings: Many organizations are considering replacing their on-premises contact centre platforms with cloud-based solutions, such as Amazon Connect. The advantages for IT are obvious. On-premise contact centres represent fixed costs in the form of annual depreciation as well as annual licence and maintenance fees. Cloud-based solutions don’t have the hardware, so there is […]

Omningage Supervisor Connect – making the backbone of the contact centre even stronger!

Omningage Supervisor Connect – making the backbone of the contact centre

The “backbone of the army….” There’s a well-known saying that sergeants and corporals are the backbone of the army. Likewise, <strong”>supervisors and team leaders are the backbone of the contact centre. In both cases, they provide the “hands on” interface between senior management and the people who do the actual work. Both non-commissioned officers in […]

“Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!” How secure is the cloud?

Hey You Get off of my cloud

Mick Jagger was not the father of cloud security. However, the title of his song does neatly summarize the mission of every Data Protection Officer who watches over IT systems running on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services. Cloud usage grows with the pandemic Since the start of the global pandemic, the use of […]

S3: Chat – putting a smile on your customer’s and CFO’s face

chat manuscript

The emergence of chat as a customer service channel Back in the 1990s, contact centres were called call centres, because they only handled calls. IP telephony was in its infancy. The power of today’s digital world had yet to be released. It wasn’t until the internet started gaining popularity, and smartphones put the internet in […]

Why do eagles drop tortoises on rocks?

supervisor or agent desktop for Amazon Connect

Fun fact of the week! Aeschylus, the ancient Greek playwright, had fought in and survived the three main battles of the Persian wars. He died at the age of 67 when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his bald head.Why do eagles drop tortoises on bald heads? What’s this got to do with IT? Eagles […]

Cloud Native: Meeting the need for speed

Cloud Native - Need for Speed

The need for speed It’s hard to deny that the pace of change has quickened dramatically. COVID 19 has had an impact on the businesses which we could not have imagined only a few months ago. Many companies were considering moving their businesses delivery from face to face to online. These “digital transformation” projects had […]

Key Performance Indicators – Keeping Score In the Contact Center

Contact Centre OMNINGAGE -Key Performance Indicator - Reporting for Amazon Connect

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and contact centres go together like fish and chips. When contact centre platforms were developed, agents’ performance started being measured by technologies, such as reporting, BI and analytics, that generates a blizzard of statistics. With this KPI data, contact centre managers can track almost every aspect of an agent’s working life […]

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