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What’s new in Omningage?


In Version 2.6.4, Omningage introduced a new feature, the “workflow” module. Users can now configure a workflow that will automatically present a website or other internet-based materials to agents.

The system automatically presents web-based materials in iframes or popups based on certain triggers. Currently, these triggers are based on when the contact is answered, an incoming condition is fulfilled, when the contact ends or when an outbound call is connected.

What are workflows for?

“Workflows” are the first stage in the development of a virtual assistant functionality. This feature can automatically open a web-based application when a call comes in that is linked to a specific queue or skill group.

Further developments in the future may include using the presence of key words or intents as a trigger to open a popup or iframe containing a web-based application for the agent.

Watch this space for developments in the future!

What’s new in Amazon Connect?

Queue dashboards

In September 2022, Amazon Connect brought out a Queue Dashboard to display historical queue data as time-series graphs showing service level, contacts queued and average handling time (AHT) statistics.


The graphs can show data for the past 24 hours compared with data from the same day in the previous week, and it shows the data for the following day in the previous week.

For example, if it is Tuesday morning, you can see data for Monday and for the hours on Tuesday that have already passed. You will also see the data for Monday and Tuesday in the previous week. In this way, you can use the data for Tuesday in the previous week as a baseline against which the current day’s data can be compared.

Filters can be applied to add customized service level thresholds and to filter data by agents, routing profiles or queues.

What is the Queue Dashboard for?

This report can show you what has been happening in the past 24 hours, and how the last 24 hours compares to the same day in the previous weeks.

You can see how the KPIs evolve across the day and compare them with the same day in the previous week to identify trends and confirm if they are significant.

The graphical presentation makes this data very easy to understand and use.

Where you see something that represents an uncharacteristic event, you can move quickly to take action to solve the problem. By intervening smartly, using this report to make a data driven decision, you can work effectively to resolve problems quickly.

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