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Why Amazon Connect

On-prem to cloud………

You’ve decided to trade in your old on-prem contact centre for a cloud solution. As you shop around, you realize that there are many options available, so why choose Amazon Connect?

Be careful what you wish for….

Callcentrehelper, the trade website for the British contact centre industry, recently suggested criteria to consider when buying a cloud contact centre solution. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. “Your solution should be built for real time communications”: Any cloud contact centre solution including voice telephony must have the minimum latency possible, so that agents can talk to customers easily and effectively. It needs to be hosted in data centres as close as possible to your physical location with fast connections having bandwidth to handle voice data traffic. Amazon Connect is hosted in many AWS Data Centres throughout the world.


AWS are the leaders in building and running high-speed, high-capacity networks.


  1. “Ensure the vendor is offering a true cloud application”: Some vendors offer solutions that are only hosted on a private cloud. If you these solutions, then you will have to bear all the costs coming with an on-prem solution. You will not gain the full benefits of a cloud solution.


Amazon Connect is not one of these and can be fully hosted on the cloud.


  1. “Check that you can integrate legacy applications within your cloud solution”: Organizations usually migrate to the cloud in phases, leaving part of their networks on-prem. This reduces the perceived risk in case the connection breaks with the cloud. There may be legal restrictions governing where data is stored and processed. Data may need to be sent to or received from applications belonging to other parts of the company that are still on-prem.


Amazon Connect can be integrated to most, if not all on-prem applications likely to be used in the contact centre space.

“’Pay as you go’ can allow you to adjust to the needs of your business.”: Some providers provide a subscription-based service priced independently of how much you use. This nullifies the key financial benefits of the cloud, its ability to scale and flex both in terms of capacity and cost. Moving to the cloud, especially if you are also adopting omnichannel and automation, may lead unpredictable volumes as, hopefully, customers are diverted from expensive voice channels to more cost-effective automated and text-based channels.

How does Amazon Connect stack up against the rest?

Researching this article, we looked at two websites that compared cloud contact centre offerings.

One was “CX Today” ( a US industry website containing a lot of information discussing contact centre technology, and “” ( which is devoted to helping business buyers purchase software based on customer reviews.


CX Today contains articles comparing cloud contact centre platforms. It described Amazon Connect as “enabling leaders to build their contact centres in a matter of minutes”, referring to the fact that the main factor slowing down the installation of Amazon Connect is the speed of the humans working to do it.

They also mentioned that Amazon Connect was “perfect for larger companies and enterprises in search of sensational reliability and performance” and “Built on the incredibly resilient AWS ecosystem”. All contact centre managers want reliability and performance, regardless headcount. The contact centre platform is mission critical.


CX Today also mentioned that Amazon Connect stands out for offering automation that is easy to configure and use, integration to unified customer profiles with data taken from the CRM system and integration to real time speech and sentiment analytics. Not all products offered these. took a different approach, asking customers to submit reviews of the systems they were using based on ratings given to standard questions.


Amazon Connect respondents were more likely to say that they found the solution easy to set up, use and administer.


They were also more likely to say that Amazon Connect met their needs.


They were more likely to express their satisfaction with Amazon Connect’s support.


They were more likely to say that they liked the direction Amazon Connect were taking with their roadmap.

Don’t take my word for it!

Choosing which contact centre solution to adopt is not a decision to make lightly. You’ll need to find out more details and maybe see a demonstration.


Omningage produces a complete desktop that compliments Amazon Connect functionality to provide you with a comprehensive, yet flexible omnichannel contact centre solution.


To find out more, contact your AWS partner or one of our sales directors.

To discuss your requirements, arrange a demonstration or ask for a proof of concept, please use the below details.

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