Omningage IQ – Reporting and Beyond

The “Cinderella” of contact centre technology There’s an old joke about a sales rep who tried and failed to sell toilet paper holders to a contact centre manager because he couldn’t explain what reports they produced.     Reporting is often seen as the “Cinderella” of contact centre technology. No one likes it much, but […]

Why Amazon Connect

On-prem to cloud……… You’ve decided to trade in your old on-prem contact centre for a cloud solution. As you shop around, you realize that there are many options available, so why choose Amazon Connect? Be careful what you wish for…. Callcentrehelper, the trade website for the British contact centre industry, recently suggested criteria to consider […]

Why should I switch to the cloud

My server room is my comfort zone You’re a contact centre manager. You have a contact centre platform installed in your server room. It is sized in terms of licences and hardware to handle peak volumes. You have had perpetual licenses for the past 5 years. Your annual maintenance payments amount to less than 10% […]