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Why OMNINGAGE Connect?

Discover the power and innovation of OMNINGAGE Connect: the best customer engagement platform on the market.


Omningage Connect is the most innovative customer engagement platform in the world. We release monthly updates inspired by our customers’ needs and new technologies. Our mission to provide the best contact centre solution fuels our passion for innovation.

User-Friendly, Connected Platform

Our slick, easy to use design not only looks great but significantly helps agents in their busy work schedule. No more switching screens or slow, clunky systems, Omingage Connect combines all your communication channels from WhatsApp, calls, Facebook, video chat and more into one simple dashboard that is enjoyable to use.

Flexible Plan

No one likes getting caught in overcomplicated pricing plans. Our OMNINGAGE Connect flexible pricing grows with you and you only pay for what you use, perfect for increased volume in peak times and seasons with zero financial commitment from the start.

Built by Experts

With decades of experience within the customer service industry, we understand the difficulties call centres, their agents and supervisors experience. We utilise our knowledge and expertise to combat these issues and provide the best customer engagement platform on the market.

Secure Solution

Our entire team of developers are AWS trained, providing unbeatable security for you and your team. Accredited by Amazon, we provide a flawless system for Amazon Connect with software built on best practices.

Fast, High Quality Service

From deployment to daily use, Omingage Connect is quick to implement and learn, with call centre efficiency on a cloud based system. Enjoy rapid responses and crystal clear audio that your customers expect.

Expand Your Options

With more agents able to work from home than ever before, OMNINGAGE provides the same call centre experience whether in an office, at home, or in another city. Reduce staff turnover and expand your recruitment radius.

In-Depth Reporting

Utilising our industry experience, we’ve designed multiple products to cater for every contact centre’s needs. Supervisor Connect allows easy reporting and monitoring, with ‘listen in’ systems to aid training. OMNINGAGE IQ runs real time stats to enhance management and visibility, with digital wallboard messaging to keep your team in the loop.

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