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Yes, OMNINGAGE Connect is a cloud-based user desktop optimized for home working. It has the following main features to support home working staff and enable them to offer excellencustomer service: 

  • Application access via a URL from anywhere on the internet. Content delivery is optimized using Amazon Cloudfront. 
  • Device testing (Speaker and Microphone) for optimal customer experience 
  • Highquality voice delivery via WebRTC 
  • Visibility of Key Metrics, Agent Performance, Team Performance and Customer Satisfaction. 

We are a channel focused company and work closely with our Partners. Adding value for our partners is at core of our business model. We offer a 360-partner enablement and care package as part of the on-boarding with us. Whether you are new to contact centres or have experience in legacy platforms, we will cover you.

We understand that for some partners operating on thin margins within cloud world is challenging. We offer great discounts on our products and services. We enable partner’s sales and pre-sales teams to win more CCaaS business, have higher attach rate and maintain profitability.

OMNINGAGE connect is built on Amazon’s serverless and can be quickly deployed and integrated with Amazon Connect. Using, Cloudformation, the deployment is fully automated, and new staff can log in within a few hours.

Not at all, thanks to Amazon’s robust cloud platform and serverless architecture of the application. The solution is deployed without any hardware and compute resource requirements which makes it elastic and scalable 

There are no licenses to be acquired and maintained. The solution is delivered as SaaS and doesn’t require any upfront investment or costs. Customers are charged based on their monthly consumption.

OMNINGAGE Connect can be consumed based on “logged in minutes”. Customers usually are invoiced based on their consumption for the previous month’s usage. 

We don’t charge for support so long as you have an active subscription.  

The platform is built on serverless and flexible design. It grows and shrinks with your business consumption. You can add and remove agents as and when needed.  

OMNINGAGE follows continuous development and deployment methodology. Customers get new features as and when they are released. Customers are notified of scheduled and upcoming feature releases via emails. 

Yes, using our open APIs, customers can consume contact, queue and agent data and create their own custom reports. OMNINGAGE Connect integrates with multitude of back-end applications and CRM systems to create a unified and coherent customer experience.

OMNINGAGE Connect is a feature-packed platform offering unique value to our partners and customers; here are a few key highlights; 

  • Most modern UX. We believe we have the best desktop for Amazon Connect. 
  • Packed with Data and Intelligence – Our data structure design takes a feed from various sources within Amazon Cloud and provides more context and awareness to agents. 
  • Serverless model  Nothing to build and deploy, flexible and scalable platform 
  • Volume Tier discounts  Great discounts on volume commitment and higher usage 
  • Focus on the channel – We work with selected partners and enable them 

Not really! OMNINGAGE Connect can be used as wallboard as well. The dashboard design includes critical performance metrics, queue metrics, and customer satisfaction scores. 

We do! You can rely on us for all your integration and development requirements. All our developers are experienced on Amazon Connect and AWS. We are experienced in integrating Amazon Connect with multiple AWS services including; Lambda functions, RDS, API Gateway, EC2, Cognito, Athena, Glue, S3, Cludfront, Cloudformation and more. 

Yes, in very near future our Partners and Customers will be able to deploy OMNINGAGE Connect for their Amazon Connect instances without our involvement. 

Yes, OMNINGAGE Connect is based on open APIs using which solution can be integrated with a range of WFO and WFM solutions. 

The desktop support all major CRMs including Ms Dynamics, Siebel, ZOHO and more.


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