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OmningageIQ – Dashboards what’s New with Version Two?

Omningage is proud to announce the launch of Omningage IQ Dashboards v2, an upgraded version of our highly popular Dashboard product (think Wallboards).


Building on customer feedback, we have implemented several enhancements that offer significant business benefits, empowering contact centres to drive motivation and performance through effective communication of essential information.

Simplified Dashboard Creation

We have streamlined the dashboard creation process, making it more user-friendly and intuitive. Admin users now have even more options at their fingertips to customize dashboards according to their specific needs and preferences. This simplification saves time and effort, allowing supervisors to focus on optimizing performance rather than navigating complex interfaces.

Enhanced Data Selection and Display

With Omningage IQ Dashboards v2, you gain a wider range of options when selecting and displaying data. You can now tailor dashboards to reflect specific queues or teams within your contact centre, providing personalized views that cater to different groups. This targeted approach ensures that each team receives the relevant information needed to excel in their roles, boosting engagement and productivity.

Expanded Dashboard Reports

We understand the importance of actionable insights. That’s why we have introduced an expanded set of dashboard reports, including visually appealing elements like gauges (Speedometers), doughnut charts, tables, and cards displaying key performance indicators (KPIs). These reports provide at-a-glance visibility into critical metrics, empowering supervisors to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

Flexible Ticker Tape Messaging

In response to customer requests, we have enhanced the flexibility of ticker tape messages. You now have the freedom to display messages on as many or as few dashboards as needed, enabling targeted communication to specific teams. This ensures that important announcements, updates, or motivational messages reach the right audience, fostering a cohesive and informed contact centre environment.

Seamless Theme Switching

We’ve retained the option to choose between a “light” and “dark” theme, allowing you to align the dashboard appearance with your desired aesthetic. The improved theme-switching functionality ensures a seamless transition between themes, enhancing the visual experience and personalization of the dashboards.

Effortless Publishing

Omningage IQ Dashboards v2 continues to offer a simple and efficient publishing method. By copying and pasting the permalink onto a browser displayed on your target wallboard, you can instantly publish the dashboards without any hassle. This streamlined process saves time and ensures a smooth deployment of critical information.


Upgrade to Omningage IQ Dashboards v2 to unlock these business benefits, including streamlined dashboard creation, enhanced data visualization, expanded reporting capabilities, targeted messaging, flexible theming, and effortless publishing. Experience improved motivation, performance, and communication within your contact centre. Connect with your AWS Partner or Omningage Sales Team.


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