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How OMNINGAGE with Amazon Connect can speed your agents up and reduce your operational costs?

IT cost savings:

IT Cost Savings

Many organizations are considering replacing their on-premises contact centre platforms with cloud-based solutions, such as Amazon Connect.

The advantages for IT are obvious. On-premise contact centres represent fixed costs in the form of annual depreciation as well as annual licence and maintenance fees. Cloud-based solutions don’t have the hardware, so there is no depreciation to factor into the profit and loss account. The service charges can be set off against tax as operating expenses rather than as capital allowances.

The Forrester Total Economic Impact of Amazon Connect report estimates that replacing a legacy on-premises solution can reduce IT budgets by more than 30%.

Operational cost savings

Operational cost savings:

Operational cost savings depend on how well agents do their job. This in turn depends on how easy it is for agents to use their contact centre platform. A well-designed agent and supervisor desktop solution can unleash agents’ potential and release recurring savings.

The case study below shows how a 100 seat contact centre in the UK can achieve significant monthly cost savings.

Summary of potential cost savings:

Nature of cost-savingMonthly savings (GBP)
Reduced Average Handling Time (AHT) by 7.5%11,630
First Contact Resolution (FCR) improvement5,001
Reduced training costs906
Monthly operational cost savings17,578

How are these savings achieved?

How are these savings achieved

Reduced Average Handling Time (AHT)

The Forrester report “Total Economic Impact of Amazon Connect” published in June 2020 estimates that contact centres will be able to reduce their AHT by up to 15%.

We decided to err on the side of caution and make the assumption that a contact centre could achieve a reduction of half of that figure, which comes to 7.5%.

Calculation of savings:

  • Monthly call volumes: Approx. 123 thousand calls (1,230 calls per agent per month = Approx. 56 calls per agent per day)
  • Extra calls made possible by an AHT reduction of 7.5%: Approx. 9,240 calls per month
  • Employment costs of all 100 agents per month: GBP 166,700
  • Cost saving: GBP 166,700 x (9,240 calls / (123,000 calls + 9,240 calls)) = GBP 11,630

How could this be achieved?

The Omningage Agent Connect Desktop has been designed to enable the agent to complete her tasks with the minimum number of clicks per call.

As well as allowing the agent to handle the call flow, the CRM system is integrated into the same desktop, allowing the agent to switch rapidly between the two applications without lengthy searching among multiple windows.

For agents handling live chat interactions, the solution incorporates an easy access bank of templates that are created by the user than can speed the agent through the workflow and save typing.

After call work can also be streamlined with the easy to use tags and pre-set wrap up codes which can be added to all types of interactions. This also eliminates the need for typing and so reduce the time the agent spends on a single interaction.

First Contact Resolution (FCR) improvement

First Contact Resolution (FCR) improvement

The “Total Economic Impact of Amazon Connect” report also estimates that Amazon Connect users should be able to improve their FCR by 3%. We felt that this was a reasonable estimate and factored this in to our calculations.

Calculation of savings:

  • Monthly call volumes: Approx. 129 thousand calls (1,290 calls per agent per month = Approx. 59 calls per agent per day)
  • 3% FCR improvement: Reduction in monthly call volumes by 3% = 3870 calls
  • Employment costs of all 100 agents per month: GBP 166,700
  • Cost saving: GBP 166,700 x (3,870 calls / 129,000 calls) = GBP 5,001

The features in the OMNINGAGE Agent Connect desktop that will realize this reduction are the integration of the CRM system into the agent desktop itself, and the ability of the agent to see in graphical form the history of the call and the history of the customer’s involvement with the contact centre.

The agent can gain immediate access to what actions have been taken with this customer. She can quickly piece together the whole story and address all aspects of the relationship while on the one call.

The wrap-up codes and tagging enable her to enter standardized instructions into the system specifying the next actions that need to be taken to speed the customer through his journey.

Reduced training costs

Reduced training costs

The Forrester Report estimates that using Amazon Connect with a well designed “front end” such as OMNINGAGE CONNECT can reduce the length of time need to train an agent by about 3 days since the simplicity and ease of use of the agent desktop make the application easier, and therefore quicker for the agent to master.

Calculation of savings:

  • The average length of tenure in the UK contact centre: 2 years
  • Number of agents needing to be replaced per year: 100 agents / 2 years = 50 agents
  • Number of agents to be replaced per month: 50 agents / 12 months = 4.16 agents
  • Monthly employment cost per agent: GBP 1,667 (= GBP 20,000 per year / 12 months)
  • Daily employment cost per agent: (GBP 1667.00 / 22 working days) = GBP 76.00
  • Number of training days saved per agent: 3
  • Training costs saved per month: (3 days x GBP 76.00 per day x 4.16 agents per month) = GBP 947.00

Detailed ROI calculation

For a detailed ROI calculation based on your contact Centre’s data, please get in touch with us at OMNINGAGE CONNECT, one of the leading providers of Agent and Supervisor desktop applications for Amazon Connect.


OMNINGAGE develops software solutions for Amazon Connect (Cloud Contact Centre). 

We offer a most modern and data-driven cloud-based Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect. The platform is called OMNINGAGE Connect. It is also available on Amazon Marketplace.

What sets our products apart from the rest is our focus on “agent/user experience” which helps businesses to promote agent engagement, reduce agent fatigue and boost productivity and customer experience. The other key business outcomes are:

• Average Handle Time Reduction

• Increased First Call Resolution (FCR)

• Higher Customer Satisfaction

• Reduction in Agent Attrition

The platform is available globally on AWS and integrates with a variety of CRM and back-end applications to offer a single-window operation to users.

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