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What’s New In Version 2.8.0

We are happy to announce the release of Omningage version 2.8.0, packed with powerful features that will revolutionize the way you manage your customer interactions and elevate your team’s performance. Let’s dive into the key features and their business benefits: Real-Time Management And Intervention Supervisors can now have a real-time pulse on their team’s interactions […]

OmningageIQ – Dashboards what’s New with Version Two?

Omningage is proud to announce the launch of Omningage IQ Dashboards v2, an upgraded version of our highly popular Dashboard product (think Wallboards).   Building on customer feedback, we have implemented several enhancements that offer significant business benefits, empowering contact centres to drive motivation and performance through effective communication of essential information. Simplified Dashboard Creation […]

How Wisdom solves knowledge management’s “last mile” problem

The “Last mile” Problem The “last mile” problem refers to the “last mile” in a telephone signal’s journey to the subscriber. This is the most difficult and expensive part of the call to provide. In contact centre knowledge management terms, the “last mile” is when the agent searches for an answer to a specific question […]

A User Interface for every type of Agent with Omningage’s Desktop Designer Tool

Contact centres play a pivotal role in driving customer satisfaction and revenue growth. However, not all agents are “Customer Service” many sit in Sales, Collections, HR or Helpdesk roles. All require different metrics so, to meet the diverse needs of contact centre users, Omningage has introduced its shiny new ‘Desktop Designer’ tool.   The solution […]

Machine translation with a human face

First Contact Dialect Communications (Dialect) are a niche BPO who provides contact centre services for Fintech’s and Financial service providers across the UK, Europe and US Founded in 2020, their website strapline ( is “We speak your language”. They take that very seriously. As a new and specialized outsourcer, their team is relatively small, but […]

What’s new in Omningage?

Workflows In Version 2.6.4, Omningage introduced a new feature, the “workflow” module. Users can now configure a workflow that will automatically present a website or other internet-based materials to agents. The system automatically presents web-based materials in iframes or popups based on certain triggers. Currently, these triggers are based on when the contact is answered, […]

Sentiment’s role in contact centre management

Sentiment Analysis – What is it and how does it work? Most speech analytics solutions, including Contact Lens for Amazon Connect (Contact Lens), provide sentiment analysis in their functionality.   Sentiment analysis, using artificial intelligence, analyses both lexical content (the words a person speaks) and acoustic content (non-linguistic characteristics of a person’s voice, such as […]

Is the wallboard extinct? Far from it!

Wallboards: What are they? Why do they matter? Pre- Covid, wallboards were an essential feature of contact centres. They consisted of reports displayed on plasma screens mounted on the contact centre’s walls. Wallboards were designed to let all staff know what was happening in the contact centre in terms of KPIs, such as Average Handling […]

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens

What is Amazon Connect Wisdom? How  does it work? When Jimi Hendrix said:  “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens”, he had no idea that he would be summarizing the functionality of Amazon Connect Wisdom. (Wisdom).   Wisdom combines speech analytics (the “listens” part) with a database search and retrieval tool (the “speaks” part). Speech analytics processes […]

Authentication without complication

Who needs voice biometrics? One of the main challenges of online business is authenticating customers when they call or log in. In his June 2017 article, Albert Seltzer, the Managing Director of SpesCom DataVoice, described the scale of identity fraud. The statistics quoted are from 2004. The UK’s Fraud Prevention Services reported that the number […]

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